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Financial Performance Signal



Peloton is supposedly going public at the end of this month. Q3 2019 downloads (new users) are up 9.6% YOY but down 25% QOQ. IAP Revenue (subscription revenue) is up 41% YOY but down 9% QOQ. Q3 is typically Peloton's low quarter, likely due to users spending more time outdoors in the nicer weather.

App Acquisitions



Malaysia’s iCar Asia is acquiring Carmudi Indonesia for $3M. Carmudi is a marketplace to buy and sell cars in Indonesia and Philippines. The mobile app currently sees about 70k monthly active users.





Searching for information, videos and images of the protests going on in Hong Kong are easily found across the top social media networks, with the exception of of TikTok. The app is published by China-based Bytedance which has led some to believe the Chinese government is censoring that content. Looking at the past 30 days, we see a decline in the number of DAUs (excludes third party Android stores) for TikTok in Hong Kong while seeing an uptick in the use of encrypted messengers. The messengers data is the combination of Telegram, Signal and Bridgefy.

hktiktok (1) copy


No rush

Supercell is one of the most successful game publishers around. It only has five games currently active but they do very well. Like baby turtles making their way to and across the ocean, few of Supercell's games make it out alive. Brawl Stars is the latest to be given life and Rush Wars is its newest property in soft launch. Below, we clearly see that (yes I know it's early and we don't know what their testing plans are) Rush Wars is not quite living up to its elder sibling. It iss also worth noting that Brawl Stars at this point in time (June 2017) was only available in Canada whereas Rush Wars is currently live Canada, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

rush wars





The Evolution of In-App Performance Marketing

In-app advertising is the most effective yet nuanced aspect of app marketing. The best way to measure success from your in-app performance advertising campaigns has changed a lot over the past few years, and continues to evolve rapidly.




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