Gloves that can translate sign language into text or speech 

“SignAloud,” is a pair of gloves that can recognise hand gestures that correspond to words and phrases in American Sign Language.

Each glove contains sensors that record hand position and movement and send data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a central computer.

The computer looks at the gesture data through various sequential statistical regressions, similar to a neural network. If the data match a gesture, then the associated word or phrase is spoken through a speaker. Click here to read more about this invention



SignAloud gloves that can translate sign language into text or speech


How to create an accessible PDF files using Adobe InDesign?

Digital accessibility ensures that people with diverse needs, skills and abilities can equally perceive, navigate, interact and communicate with the content that is provided online or through digital tools. Therefore, it is important to consider accessibility if you are responsible for the design of a website or any kind of digital content.

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InDesign and PDF accessibility


Dos and Don'ts of creating accessible content!

Why digital accessibility is important?

We are living in a digital world with more and more services becoming digital. As a result, the number of people using the internet is growing. However, most websites cannot be accessed by everyone especially those with health conditions and disabilities.But this is not just about people with health conditions and disabilities, this can benefit everyone. By making our content accessible we are providing a better user experience. Who wouldn’t like to navigate via a keyboard, see sharp colours or easily decode pictures?

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