September 2019


Dear Responsive Leaders,

Welcome to the fourth edition of our monthly NSR resource-share, 6 on 6! if you would like to see our first three editions, you can find them (and other NSR resources) on The NEW School Rules website.

As you get back into the swing of the school year, you may be working with teams that are configured differently than they were last year–people new to their roles, new to your team, or new to your organization. We have been bringing new people onboard ourselves, and have been thinking a lot about how best to retain the best parts of our culture while making room for our new teammates to co-create what our new teams will be.

As always, we are eager to build this community of practice, so please share your experiences by clicking on the Check-Out question link (and enter for a chance to win your own Team Habits tank or fanny pack)!

The NSR Team

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1 Check-In Question 

What is one boring fact about you?

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


2 Content We’re Consuming

Work of Fiction

This podcast produced by uses fictitious companies from movies, TV shows, and books to examine organizational culture and team dynamics. The most recent episode parses the 90s classic, “Office Space.”

Tags: Learning Organization, Roles and Accountabilities, Habits | episodes vary: 30-60 minutes 


Quote We're Considering

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” - Ken Blanchard

Tags: Learning Organization, Building Trust, Distributed Authority


Idea We’re Exploring

A graph charting radical candor along the axes of care personally and challenge directly.


Radical Candor: My Go To Feedback Routine

Tags: Sharing Information, Building Trust, Distributed Authority | 9 min read



5 Tool We’re Trying

My User Manual

Atlassian has created a suite of tools for effective team building, including this activity to facilitate connections and level-setting for teams working together. 

Tags: Building Trust, Decision-Making, Psychological Safety  | 30-90 min activity


6 Check-Out Question

If you could join any team, real or fictitious, what team would you join? Answer here and enter to win some Team Habits swag!

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


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