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Optimize with lazy loading

Instead of bulk loading all of the ads when the page is accessed, you can set up your page so that the ads load when the user accesses the specific part of the page that requires it. Lazy loading ads is a technique that publishers can use to increase the viewability and value of their ad inventory. The benefits of lazy loading ads include:

  • Reduces initial load time through decreased page weight
  • Raises page viewability by loading ads when close to user's viewport
  • Increases ad revenue with higher viewability and CPMs
  • Quick to implement just add code to your header


Last call: Customer Feedback Survey

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Let us implement anchor ad units for you

Desktop and mobile anchors are an optimization that Sortable highly recommends to our valued publishers. Find out more about anchor units by contacting your Account Manager or sending us an email now.


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Check out our UPDATED referral program

Active Sortable publishers who refer a new publisher will receive 10% of Sortable’s earnings from the referred publisher during the publisher’s first 12 months. Don't you want extra revenue in your pocket?!



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