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Man sitting next to a drawing of a planet with different icons

Blockchain Technology and Arbitration by Nevana Jevremović

For those of us interested in the intersection of technology and law, 2018 was a fascinating year. Lawyers across jurisdictions, areas of expertise, and industries have engaged in debates about the use of emerging technologies and the impact that they will have on the future of the legal industry. Blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence (“AI”), machine learning and natural language processing – they have ceased being mere buzz-words and have entered the sphere of technologies that are actively shaping today’s society.

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Hands of a young man on the keyboard with the elements. Collage.

DILEMMA OF LEGAL FIRMS Lagging behind technology can pick your pocket! Are you future ready? by Greg Miot

We tend to see the legal profession as resisting change when it comes to technology. Yet, many law firms tend to prove us wrong and we have the research to prove they are on the right path. This article compares the legal thinking of ‘Technology Leading’ organizations with both ‘Transitioning’ and ‘Trailing’ organizations respectively.  And where you stand depends on where your tech head resides…

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Rear view of businessman looking at sunset above city

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Wired for Future of Work? by Bruce Everett

The theme this year for UN World Autism Awareness Day was Assistive Technologies, Active Participation.1  So could this and other similar events lock arms with the future of work?  I eagerly think so.  Here’s why…

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Young businesswoman carrying out ideas of business plan

Think Human, Think Green by Beatriz Antona

I feel living within the IT industry right now is like living in the middle of a storm with many disruptions. We hear repeatedly how IT companies are transforming themselves while at the same time driving the transformation of customers, whose own challenges are shaking the pillars for so called more traditional IT businesses. Our words in fashion, are becoming a popular part of our jargon – agility, digital business models, ecosystems, etc..

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CFOs and Supply Chain Management photo for CEJ Blog Article

CFOs and Supply Chain Management: PERFECT TOGETHER by Paul Humbert

In a world of increasing uncertainty and volatility, it is critical that CFOs know how to successfully align their organization’s financial goals and their supply chain strategy as these two are intertwined. This issue was addressed in the book What CFOs (and Future CFOs) Need to Know About Supply Chain Transactions by noted author, X. Paul Humbert, Esq.

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risk management

RISK MANAGEMENT Moving forward with 2019 means looking backward first by Dr. David Hillson

Risk management is obviously about looking forwards, scanning the uncertain and unclear future in an attempt to discern what awaits us. It offers businesses, projects and individuals a “forward-looking radar”, identifying threats to be avoided and opportunities which might be captured.

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Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity

COLLABORATION, LEADERS, TEAMS; Turning “Accidental Adversaries” into Allies Transforming by Elizabeth Doty

This article is reprinted with permission from “Turning “Accidental Adversaries” into Allies" from strategy+business, with permission from PWC, 2019. PwC refers to the PwC network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity. Please see for further details.

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Young woman touching future technology social network button

CONTRACT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Artificial Intelligence partners with humans to create BT success story by Paul Branch and Peter Wallqvist

What will it take to get Artificial Intelligence (AI) up and running on a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution?  IACCM research suggests that nearly 80% of CLM deployments currently fail to deliver all the expectations.  Does this mean AI for CLM must suffer a similar fate?

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Back view of businessman reading documents in hand

Document and Record Management: An Interesting Challenge to Contract Manager by Arnaldo Arcay

If we can extract anything positive from the corporate scandals during the first decade of 2000, it would be the robust pillars of contract management such as accountability, fairness, transparency, quality assurance, leadership and stakeholder management that now support business transactions of the corporate world.  

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light bulb 3d on business strategy background as concept

Ask the Expert: Negotiations - Back to The Future

Predictions for technology and negotiation in 2030 and beyond.

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Mini-Conference - Bangalore, India

Have you been struggling with complex contract structures? Do you need some new ideas to modernize your organization? Please join us at our next India Mini-Conference to hear IACCM President, Tim Cummins and GlobalCEO, Sally Hughes, along with other Leaders and Industry Experts on a variety of topics related to Contract Management. Attendance is open to members and non-members. This event is open to members and potential members alike and is free thanks to our host Accenture.

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Pretty businesswoman talking in microphone during conference in meeting room

IACCM Member Meeting - Wellington, NZ

This event is open to all IACCM members, member’s guests, and anyone in the procurement, contracting, and commercial space, and is free to attend thanks to our hosts, Robert Walters

Members are encouraged to bring along their key supplier partners, customers, and others in your organization who would value learning more about improving trading relationships.

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Automation & Systems

IACCM Capgemini contract automation software comparison tool

The market for contract automation tools and systems is complex, and IACCM provides a source of unbiased guidance that simplifies selection procedures for everyone

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IACCM Research

Supplier-Led Innovation and Continuous Improvement - Report

This paper is based on preliminary research which suggests that in most cases contractual provisions are vague and unsupported by the type of governance processes and incentives required for success. The authors draw on these findings to propose methods and techniques that will increase the frequency and likelihood of innovation and improvement delivery.

Payment terms survey

Given the importance of cash flow, payment terms are among the most critical provisions in a contract. Over recent years, there have been significant shifts in areas such as the payment period, triggers for payment and options such as factoring.IACCM is collecting cross-industry data to establish current norms and standards and to report on trends. Those participating in the survey will benefit from a comprehensive report which they can use internally to inform management and externally to support negotiations.

Talent Survey

With such uncertainty over the impact of technology, many organizations have focused on reskilling their workforce. For example, just last week, Amazon announced a plan to retrain 100,000 workers.How are current market conditions impacting the contract and commercial management community? Our latest survey explores the extent to which the role is changing, whether it is valued, how much practitioners feel supported by their organization and prepared for the future. The results of the survey will be shared with participants and used to further develop IACCM’s support plans.

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Recent IACCM Webinars

Opened book on the table. Close up.

Ask the Expert: Computable Contracts and Computational Law

Contracts can be seen as a way for private parties to create a statement that records a set of expectations about the future relationship between them. This talk provides both an introduction to the future of contracts expressed in digital form and an exploration of some of the issues which these developments raise.

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Business man pointing to transparent board with text Get More Done

Ask The Expert: Best Practices for Cutting Through Contract Chaos

This is an interactive discussion about the world of contract management with Scout customer MDC Partners. In this webinar hosted by IACCM, you hear from Jason Cammorata, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, about how MDC Partners is streamlining their contract process (including reviews, renewals, and more), what they are achieving by transforming this process, and the lessons they're learning along the way.

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Procurers Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.

Ask The Expert: Commercial Contract Management at DHL - a case study.

Are you at the start of your contracting journey in your organization and wonder if you are doing the right things? Join us for a discussion on the evolution of Commercial Contract Management at DHL. Starting in 1997, our contracting function has gone through twists and turns, been through major acquisitions and has come out stronger than ever. In this webinar we will discuss the journey at DHL, what has worked, what hasn't worked and our keys to success.

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