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Financial Performance Signal


Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY) is set to report earnings on August 30. Average DAUs of its MoviePass app in the second quarter are down 99% YOY and down 56% QOQ. New installs are also down in substantial numbers.

App Acquisitions


Alibaba has agreed to acquire Kaola, a Chinese ecommerce company, from games publisher NetEase for $2 billion in cash. The app has been downloaded 32 million times in its lifetime since launch in early 2015. Data is iOS only as the Google Play store is not available in China.




Juiced Up

From 2001 to 2016, American newspapers have lost 238,000 jobs. Digital media outlets such as BuzzFeed and Vice Media have also had to trim employee numbers in order to continue operations. Yet a sports news website, The Athletic, is thriving. The Athletic doesn’t serve any ads and instead charges readers a subscription fee of $10/month or $60/year. Almost none of its articles can be viewed for free. The Athletic launched in 2016 but has really hit its stride as of late.


Summer Flex Days

Amazon launched its Flex app in late June of this year, officially joining the gig economy as I see it, or at least as I can track it. Comparing Flex to other contractor work apps, it's par for the course. Not included in this chart are Tasker (TaskRabbit) and Uber Driver (Uber). Tasker is only being downloaded a few hundred times per day and Uber Driver is being downloaded so much it would throw the scale of this chart off. To date, Amazon Flex has been downloaded 293,000 times. Unlike its peers, Flex ratings are poor, with 55% of them being of the 1 star variety. Users mainly complain of features crucial to their job not working well.




Airbnb shows strong growth in China

It's expected that Airbnb will be publicly traded, through an IPO or direct listing, within the next two years but the hype around it is very present. If the WSJ's reporting is true, the company is flush with cash and doing well financially. Still, my team is getting plenty of inquiries on its performance as of late, so I had to dig in for you.




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