August 2019


Welcome to the third edition of our monthly NSR resource-share, 6 on 6! if you would like to see our first two editions, you can find it (and other NSR resources) on the New School Rules website.

Many of our district partners have welcomed students back to their classrooms this week, or they are getting ready to do so in the next few weeks. As you embark on a new school year, we hope to support your transformation of your school and district teams, one habit at a time. 

We believe that supportive networks are a key to lasting change, and we are hoping to build a network with all of you, so we can learn from you and you can learn from each other. Last month, we asked you to reply to the check-out question to share your experiences, and we chose one answer to feature (and to win some Team Habits swag). Suzanna Davis, the Principal of Lakota East High School in Liberty Township, Ohio,  recounted her team’s experience with implementing new meeting protocols:

“We are implementing meeting protocols in order to maximize the efficiency of our meetings while ensuring all members have a voice. We are in the early implementation phase but have found NSR to be a wonderful frame for our work. It has created a common language and understanding of the journey.” 

Share your experiences by clicking on Check-Out question link (and enter for a chance to win your own Team Habits Tank or Fanny Pack)!

The NSR Team

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1 Check-In Question 

What is a positive habit you have developed?

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


2 Content We’re Consuming

HIdden Brain:  This podcast explores the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, through a review of scientific evidence and the creation of compelling stories. 

Tags: Learning Organization, Goal Setting, Habits | episodes vary: 30-60 minutes 


Quote We're Considering

“If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.” - John Maxwell

Tags: Learning Organization, Habits, Planning for Change


Idea We’re Exploring

Your Life Circle and the Nature of Dissatisfaction

This brief article in Mindful Ambition suggests some habits of the mind that can help one spend more time in experiences that are perceived as good, and less time in experiences perceived as neutral or bad. 


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Tags: Decision Making, Responsive Leadership, Building Trust, Psychological Safety | 10 min read


5 Tool We’re Trying

What Does an Effective Meeting Look Like?

The EE NSR Team filmed a tactical meeting, so you and your teams can see how this protocol works.

Tags: Roles and Accountabilities, Decision-Making, Psychological Safety  | 10 min video

6 Check-Out Question

What is an organizational habit you will shift this school year? Answer here and enter to win some Team Habits Swag!

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


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