Chevy Half-Ton Capable of 33 MPG

EPA fuel economy estimates are in for Chevrolet’s 3.0L-powered 2020 Silverado 1500 diesel, and they’re impressive. Out on the highway, two-wheel drive models are rated for 33-mpg and 23-mpg city. For four-wheel drive configurations, the highway numbers dip to... Read More >>


Rocky Top Diesel Shootout

Now in its sixth year, the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout is a well-established mainstay in diesel drag racing. Over the weekend, the ODSS event enjoyed top-notch side by side action, a huge turnout in the show ‘n shine, and a steady stream of spectators. Class winners included Rawlings Barnes in Pro Mod, Johnny... Read More >>

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Massive Super Stock Field in Ohio

Events hosted by the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) have a way of bringing everyone out of the woodwork. At the sanctioning body’s late July truck and tractor pull in Fort Recovery, Ohio, 18 trucks showed up to compete in the 7,500-pound Super Stock... Read More >>


Late-night Wrenching and an All-Night Drive

One reason the aforementioned Super Stock pull in Fort Recovery, Ohio had the immense turnout it did was because of these guys. Nathan Vegh and the Jumpin’ Jack Flash Ford, the P-pumped 7.3L-powered 2016 F-350 that normally pulls in Pro Stock, made a quick trip to... Read More >>


On the Verge of Collapse?

After Travis Tatsch accidentally staged his truck with 52 psi of boost, he hurt something in the stock forged-rod 7.3L Power Stroke under the hood. But even though the 20-year-old engine in his OBS Ford needs three -12 AN crankcase vents and a custom catch can to keep blow by under control, he still plans to send... Read More >>



Separate Emission Standards for California

Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, and Honda have struck a deal with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regarding the fuel efficiency of its U.S. light-duty fleets. In the report, the four automakers agree to produce vehicles that can achieve nearly 50-mpg by the year 2026... Read More >>


FASS’s Extreme Water Separator Technology

Curious how efficient FASS’s fuel systems are at protecting your injection system? With 1.5 gallons of water added to two gallons of diesel in a test cell, owner Brad Ekstam recently demonstrated how well the FASS extreme water separator works. Even when exposed to... Read More >>