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Millennials and how they’re disrupting customer experience

Aside from being the largest demographic in the marketplace, millennials have ushered the new era of customer experience and continue to challenge businesses to keep up to their ever-changing expectations. For these reasons, companies must focus their efforts on keeping pace with this generation’s quickly changing tastes in order to capitalize on the latest trends. Here are some key examples of ways in which businesses can capture the attention of Millennials.

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Did you know that with the Open's SMART implementation methodology, project duration has gone down 60% in the last 5 years?

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Is your company flexible enough?

According to TMG Consulting, the need for system agility and flexibility is one of the top five drivers for CIS modernization. Agility must be a real capability included in the solutions used by service providers to back their operations, allowing them to deliver the best offers to customers as soon as possible.

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