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Owner Portal Tutorial

Need a little help accessing and navigating your owner portal?  Click HERE for a quick tutorial!

New 2019 Tenant Landlord Laws

Here are the most crucial changes to the tenant-landlord laws that will/have gone into effect this year.

Time Period to Cure Lease Violations: The old law stated that once we posted a compliance/eviction notice, the tenant had 3 days to comply or be evicted.  The new law states that it is now 10 days to comply or be evicted. For some single family home owners this timeframe can be reduced to 5 days. 

Rental Application Fairness Act: 

  • The new law limits the amount you can charge for the application to only what is used in the application process. 
  • Any unused portion must be refunded to the applicant. 
  • A description of the fee as well as a receipt for the fee is required.
  • Credit and rental history beyond 7 years old may not be used in making leasing decisions.
  • Criminal history beyond 5 years old may not be used in making leasing decisions with exception of cases related to sexual offenses, meth/amphetamine offenses, homicide offenses or stalking offenses. Arrests alone can be used against an applicant.
  • In the event an applicant is denied, a denial letter must be sent to the applicant within 20 days.

Warranty of Habitability:  Under the new law,  a dwelling is considered uninhabitable if:

  • It is is on the 505 list (appliances have been added to the list)
  • Any condition that makes the property unfit for human habitation
  • Any condition that interferes with the tenant's life, health or safety
  • Mold that if not remedied would interfere with the tenant's life, health or safety

To stay within compliance of warranty of habitability, landlord must do the following upon receiving tenant's electronic notice of maintenance request:

  • Respond within 24 hours of notice receipt
  • Response must include landlord's intent to remedy situation
  • Provide an estimate in which remediation will commence as well as expected date of completion

Bed Bugs in Residential Units:  Under the new act,  tenants must give written notice to the landlord of suspicion of bed bugs on premises.  In turn:

Landlord has 96 hours to have premises inspected by licensed pest control personnel and bed bugs are found, inspect all contiguous units.

Landlord has 2 days to inform tenant of results.  If tests are positive, landlord has 5 days to commence eradication of pests.

Landlord accepts all costs for tests and treatment.

Tenants must comply with inspectors' requirements for treatment and must pay for treatment prep.

The Laundry List
  1. Updated Property Management Agreement.  We make changes to our Property Management Agreements annually to keep up with the changing market.  You should see this year's updated PM agreement in your inbox by the first week of August!
  2. Denver Water Bill.  It is policy that all property owners will receive a copy of the Denver Water Bill.  Please do not pay it.  If the bill is concerning, please send it to
  3. Owner Distribution. The Owner Statements can be a little confusing.  Please note that Owner Distribution is a payment to the owner not a fee.  If you have any questions regarding your Owner Statement please feel free to reach out to
  4. DMAR Market Trend Reports for July 2019. Want to know more about the current Denver Metro real estate trends?  Read more here.  

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Here’s a look at the typical timeline of the average American resident: Phase 1. Graduate college. Get first REAL job. Buy first house. Adopt a dog. Get married. Have first child. Realize that the first ‘home sweet home’ is just too small. End of phase 1. Now, phase 2 may not be as typical as phase 1, but it’s a great route to follow: Buy new home. Decide to build retirement portfolio. Keep first home as a rental property.

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