Work Stock Dominator

Nathan Beard’s ’06 LBZ Duramax dually has been lighting up the Illinois countryside recently, with back-to-back wins over a busy weekend of pulling. Nathan’s 8,500-pound Work Stock Chevy sports a built standard bore, stock stroke LBZ with ported heads, 100-percent over injectors with a 12mm CP3, a 66mm S300, ... Read More >>


Tips from the Pros

Ready to go drag racing? Firepunk Diesel has put together a highly informative video to help the novice racer who’s ready to get his or her feet wet in diesel drag racing. Lavon Miller covers the basics of ET Bracket, 7.70 Index and 6.70 Index, along with tips on how to stage your truck, proper staging etiquette, and even reminds.... Read More >>



The Quest for Low 6’s

Have you been working on your elapsed times this summer? With a goal of running 6.20-second eighth-miles consistently in his 6,850-pound Dodge Quad Cab, Levi Krech is well on his way. Over the weekend he ran a new personal best of 6.55 at 107 mph on tune number two (of five). Levi’s freshly-painted, 77,000... Read More >>



Upcoming: Rocky Top Diesel Shootout

The fifth round of the ODSS series rolls into Tennessee this weekend, July 26-27. The sixth annual running of the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout will once again take place at Crossville Dragway, an eighth-mile drag strip located in middle Tennessee. In addition to running all... Read More >>



Best-Selling Trucks of 2018

Last year’s truck sales have all been tallied and guess what? More than 2.25 million pickups were sold in America in 2018—and that’s only counting the ones produced by the Big Three. At the top of the list was the Ford F-series, which includes the best-selling vehicle (not just pickup) in the U.S., the F-150, as well.... Read More >>


Handful of States Choose Diesel Over Electric Propulsion

As more proof that America is further away from going full-electric than you thought, many states awarded funds from the VW Diesel Gate scandal are investing in new diesel vehicles rather than EV technology and/or infrastructure. In an article published by Quartz, $3 billion... Read More >>


Wagler Dual Rotation Pump Cover

No more shredded belts or broken pump mounts. Wagler Competition Products’ Cummins billet front cover is here. The standard rotation dual CP3 front cover also includes a power steering provision. The ability to get away from all the serpentine belt and/or belt... Read More >>