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Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by leaders from the field of education sharing opinions, experiences and learnings.


Leading Change? Start By Talking About What You Value

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By Beth Rabbit, Chief Executive Officer of the Learning Accelerator

As any great leader pursuing innovation in education knows, having a clear “why” for pursuing the “what” of change is critical to success. But equally important, often less emphasized, and incredibly hard is the “how” of making and managing that change in a classroom, school, or system.



A Superintendent's Quest To Marry Equity & Personalized Learning

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By Peter Olson-Skog, Superintendent & Jessica Anderson

Equity and Personalized Learning share quite a bit of common ground. They each require an ongoing commitment from all stakeholders. Both are built on the premise that each person’s needs are unique, and both recognize that no one set of tools and responses will support everyone. Peter Olson-Skog is drawing these connections concretely through his work as Superintendent at District 197 in West St. Paul. We recently interviewed Peter Olson-Skog to learn more about how he connects equity and personalized learning in his district.



Feedback For Every Teacher To Boost Student Engagement

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By Jamie Poskin of TeachFX and S. David Brazer of Stanford University  

Take a look inside a high school physics teacher’s classroom. In her fifth year, Ms. Valdez is popular with nearly all of her students. They appreciate her energy and sense of humor. Her ambition is to engender in her students the enthusiasm for and wonder about physics that motivated her to devote her career to teaching the subject. She has told you that she wants to teach her students to think like physicists. Unfortunately, your observation reveals that Ms. Valdez is far from her goal.



Back To School Personalized Support For Your District

Are you a leader looking to nurture trust, cultivate curiosity and build a learning network?
Are you planning to implement a new initiative, onboarding new leadership, or reconsidering how your teams work together? 
Are you interested in growing your district's ability to deliver engaging and effective professional learning?
We are excited to announce Back to School service options to support your district team in kicking off the year. All Back to School options are customizable based on your individual goals. Schedule a time to chat with us about our offerings!




Kicking Off Our Free Fall Webinars
After the success of our webinars this spring, we're excited to launch the fall series of leadership development webinars. These webinars will offer you and your team the opportunity to learn from experts about strategic planning, team habits, innovative leadership, teacher retention, and more. Check out the first of the webinars below.
Strategic Planning Webinar August 2019
Developing A Responsive District Strategic Plan: Foundations 
August 26 | 12pm PST / 3pm EST
Webinar Announcement. Lightbulb in green
Leadership Habits That Promote a Culture of Innovation in Your School or District
August 28 | 10am PST / 1pm EST
The 2019 Leadership Institute Series
Education Elements is pleased to host a series of leadership institutes in 2019 to support district leaders in thinking through some of their toughest challenges. Register soon to secure your spot and the chance to learn from experts and innovative educators from across the country. We welcome you to join us on your own or with your team.

2019 Leadership Institutes Series

Learn more about the institutes


Apply Now: Personalized Learning Design and Launch Toolkit Pilot

Google for Education is teaming up with Education Elements to offer a Personalized Learning Design and Launch Toolkit to leaders at select participating districts. If selected, you will receive:

  • Personalized Learning Design and Launch Toolkit
  • 1-hour Consultation Call with Education Elements 
  • Touchpoint Project Management Tool Subscription
  • Access to the Education Elements Resource Database
  • Onpoint Survey & Comprehensive Report
  • [Up to] 4 1-hour Check-in Calls with an Education Elements Consultant 

Join us for a webinar to learn more about the pilot, and apply by September 12!

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