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Delivering High Availability in the Hybrid Cloud

by: Michael Otey 

Most of today’s businesses are in the process of modernizing their IT infrastructure and incorporating the hybrid cloud into their processes to enable increased flexibility, scalability and cost savings. At the same time, there is a need for increased availability even though the infrastructure continues to become more complex.


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Consumers expect web services to always be available and in response, many organizations are striving toward 24.7.365 availability. However, true continuous availability is extremely difficult to achieve and it can also be very expensive. A more practical goal for most organizations is 99.99% availability. However, to achieve 99.99 percent availability you can still only have a little more than 52 minutes of annual downtime which includes both scheduled and unscheduled downtime. To deliver maximum availability for your hybrid cloud applications you need to incorporate availability concepts into both the application’s design and its on-going data protection plans. Continue reading! 

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