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Planner Supports Export to Excel

Excel fans delight! You can now export task data for a Planner plan to Excel and slice and dice the task information to your heart's content. The new feature is likely to be popular with Office 365 users because it adds values and it makes sense to use Excel for this purpose, but another way of looking at it is that Planner is so poor at analysis and reporting that it needed external help. The truth probably lies in the middle.

When it Comes to Ransomware, Air Gaps Are The Best Defense

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and as many cities have recently learned, if you don't have an air-gapped backup, you may not be protected.

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How to Create Puppet Bolt Tasks: Understanding Modules and Tasks

Puppet Bolt tasks are scripts that you can run on Linux or Windows systems. A task contains a script, completely unmodified, written in any language supported by the remote system on which the task will run.

Demystifying Windows Update Complexity and How To Challenge Your MSP

On this edition of the Enterprise Dish, we dive into demystifying the complexity of Windows update error messages, how to know if your MSP is on-top of all the changes they are pushing down to your environment, and a little bit about classic bikes.

Adding a Default Photo to Azure Active Directory Guest User Accounts

You can add photos to Azure Active Directory guest accounts and have Office 365 apps display those photos. But it's a lot of work to track down suitable photos for individual guests. If you want to change the default two-initial icon displayed by Office 365, you can use PowerShell to update all guest accounts with a photo. Here's how I handled the problem.