3,900-Pound Super Duty

Mike Miller’s lightened 7.3L Super Duty could be coming to a track near you soon. He’s being sponsored by Gray’s Diesel and Jelibuilt Performance—shops with two of the fastest 7.3L Power Strokes to ever grace the drag strip. Minus the truck’s front clip, brakes, and wheels and tires, Mike’s truck currently tips ... Read More >>


Cummins Spoils Enuff Talking Event in Georgia

It was another impressive showing for Ryan Milliken’s Cummins-powered Nova over the weekend. This time, he and the Hardway Performance crew found themselves at South Georgia Motorsports Park, signed up for the 28/29-inch shootout. Out of 14 of some of the .... Read More >>



Peak Truck-Pulling Season

The Midwestern countryside is ablaze with truck and tractor pulling action in July, and Kent Crowder recently made the most of it at America’s Pull in Henry, Illinois. The Pro Pulling League event held on July 14th enticed 14 Super Stock trucks to make the trek to northern Illinois. After lugging the sled 349 feet and... Read More >>



What Are You Building?

High horsepower builds don’t only happen during the winter months. Just ask Kyle Miller. His 5.9L common-rail build consists of 300-percent over injectors, dual 10mm stroker CP3’s, and a Stainless Diesel 5-blade S468 over a 5-blade S485. And, to see just how fast this potent combo will take him, he’s installing an... Read More >>



400 Bales of Hay!

How hard do you work your Super Duty? When Jason Bannon isn’t building injection pumps and turbochargers at Fleece Performance Engineering, he’s making his ’17 F-350 earn its keep out in the field. Thanks to a Diamond C Fleetneck trailer with tandem, 12,000-pound axles and a hydraulic dovetail... Read More >>


GM Quietly Kills Crossover Diesel Engine Option

Beginning with the 2020 model Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain, the 1.6L EcoTec diesel option will no longer be available. Despite the fact that the 137hp, 240 lb-ft four-cylinder could help GM’s small SUV’s achieve 39-mpg on the highway, a 2-percent take-rate... Read More >>


FASS System for ’17-’19 Fords

If you’re thinking about adding a second injection pump or a stroker pump to your ’17-newer 6.7L Power Stroke, don’t overlook your low-pressure fuel delivery system. FASS has released its 220-gph and 240-gph Titanium series fuel systems for this exact reason. Its systems come preset to deliver 65-psi worth... Read More >>