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AUG 2019

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Leadership Development This School Year

Charleston County School District has a strong history of shifting teaching and learning towards personalized learning, showing evidence that personalized learning is one instructional approach to better address individual student needs. Over the past 1.5 years, Education Elements and Charleston County School District have been working in tandem with 17 PL Innovation Schools to support, design, and implement learning environments that are more personalized. We are working to meet the needs of all students by providing ongoing professional development, coaching, and feedback to school and classroom leaders implementing personalized learning. We believe these leaders (i.e., Principals, APs, school-based instructional coaches) play a key role in driving and supporting innovation in schools. If we train school leaders using the Innovative School Leadership competencies, they will be better able to support teachers as innovators. The District PL Council and Education Elements are shifting to develop school leaders to support the innovative work at their schools. Through the Learning Cycle – Learn, Practice, Do, Own – leaders will engage with best practices for leadership, collaboration, and change management based on Education Elements’ Innovative School Leader Competencies and The NEW School Rules book and resources. 

Want to deepen your understanding of leadership competencies and effective leadership practices? Join us at one of these upcoming events in Charleston this fall:


Building A Personalized Learning Ecosystem in Fairbanks, AK

Signpost guiding to Fairbanks, Anchorage or the North PoleLeaders in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) knew early on that personalized learning could move their district closer to meeting the needs of every student, every day. Over the course of our three-year collaboration, teachers and leaders have come to see personalized learning as a culture and an ecosystem, a way of thinking that touches all elements of the educational endeavor. 

In 2019-2020, we will focus on three strands in Fairbanks. First, supporting leaders in the district’s Principals’ Academy, ensuring that new principals and AP’s gain rich PD in personalized learning concepts in order to better support teachers. Second, helping to strengthen and align the growing instructional coaching program that supports teachers in the district, working to reinforce structures for coach development and craft a framework to bring alignment and a “common language” of coaching across the district. Finally, we’ll help the district shape a strategy for beginning to implement competency-based learning. These workstreams will enhance the broader ecosystem that supports teachers and students as they continue building personalized approaches to learning in Fairbanks classrooms.




What does being a lifelong learner mean to you?
By Simma Reingold, Partner

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I made a decision last month to move out of my home of the past six years, a lovely 4th-floor walkup in the heart of Brooklyn that I’ve shared with two #ladyboss roomies and one (remaining) fish. And instead of hauling my stuff to a new apartment right away, I will double down on my traveling lifestyle and embrace my #nomaddiction, as well as the privilege and freedom I have to work from anywhere. Embracing this change has required me to face many fears. The fear of making the wrong decision; the fear of leaving a community of people who love me; and the fear that I won’t find a local spot as welcoming as my corner bar. 

Fear tends to rear its head as we contemplate big changes, many times paralyzing us and causing inaction - whether personally or professionally. In our work with districts, fear arises in all contexts throughout our meetings and projects, in schools with educators and coaches or in district offices with leaders and superintendents. While there are no magic pills to prescribe to overcome the fear and anxiety that accompanies many of the large scale organizational changes that many of you are undertaking this school year, we do know that facing our fears is at the heart of being a lifelong learner. To me, being a lifelong learner not only means expanding my knowledge through research and data, but finding guidance and balance by searching my heart and soul for my internal truth.

What does being a lifelong learner mean to you?



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The Principals' Journey to Personalized Learning

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“We are Personalized - This was the number one goal in our new District Strategic Plan. It was not, “We are moving towards personalization”, or “We are learning about personalization”. It was simply WE ARE, and this opened the door to panic and excitement and an immediate call to duty."



The 4 Biggest Questions You Need to Ask Before You Start District Strategic Planning

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"In The New School Rules, Anthony Kim and Alexis Gonzales-Black write that every district has experience putting together a strategic plan, and most follow the same process.  “We labor over these plans—sometimes over the course of 12 to 24 months—dreaming up the path ahead and detailing the resources we’ll need...Unfortunately, once we’re set to go, we find the situation has changed before we’ve gotten started."









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