2020 Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package

For all of its customers that use their Super Duty’s for more than work, Ford is bringing the Tremor package to its F-250 and F-350’s in 2020. Said to be the most capable off-road Super Duty’s ever built, the Tremor package will entail two inches of lift up front, a 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler... Read More >>


Cummins Dominates at Gas Event

What does Ryan Riddle do between Outlaw Diesel Super Series events? He goes index racing with gassers. At the Hot Shot’s Secret Cash Days event in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Ryan took a stab at running the 7.50 Index class (a step up from his 7.70 norm in ODSS) and after... Read More >>



Duramax to the Front of 2.6

Truck and tractor pulling steamrolled into Carlinville, Illinois over the weekend, with the Pro Street Diesel Truck class (2.6 Smooth bore) competing at the Macoupin County fairgrounds. Among the tough field of ITPA-affiliated trucks was Lee Stiltz’ hot-running ’05 Chevrolet Silverado. After a slow start to the 2019 season... Read More >>

Happy Independence Day!


World’s Fastest Tractor

A JCB with a top speed of 103 mph? Yes, it happened—and it set a new world record in the process. Partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering, part of the Williams Formula One race team, JCB pushed an aerodynamic version of its Fastrac 8000 tractor through the traps at 103.6 mph. To get there... Read More >>


Wagler’s All-Billet Cummins on the Dyno

If you remember seeing the billet block Cummins Wagler Competition Products was putting together for drag racer Mike Skinner, this is it. Aboard the dyno at S&S Diesel Motorsport, the CX400 is currently being tuned by S&S. The billet-aluminum Cummins sports a one... Read More >>


CO2 Emissions Rise as Diesel Sales Decrease

In a world where full-electrification doesn’t yet exist and consumers are buying more gasoline vehicles, the provisional data report from the European Environment Agency proves that diesel propulsion is still needed. For the second consecutive year, the average CO2... Read More >>


10 Best Tips for Protecting Your Paint

It’s a fact that auto body work is expensive, especially paint jobs, so if you plan to keep your truck for the long-haul it’s wise to take the proper precautions necessary to preserve your paint. BRIDJIT Curb Ramps recently released its Top 10 best ways to protect... Read More >>