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Designer Le Corbusier's Mark on Tokyo

Once said by Japanese architect Yoshiro Taniguichi, "How is it that this man Le Corbusier can grasp hold of my heart, overpower it, and not let go?"


Will Space Age Houston Survive into the Future?

Storms and development have taken their toll on the mid century architecture of the space race.



Historic Preservation Easement Protects Noyes House in Perpetuity

The Noyes house is one of New Canaan's crown jewels of Modern Design, underscoring the broader narrative of remarkable architectural exploration for the town in the mid-20th century.


Collecting: Mid Century Architectural Renderings

The renderings show tremendous detail, skill and, let's face it, have a hearty dose of mid century cool.


Modernist Architects Believed Their Designs Would Make You Healthier

Neutra's had spent a year collecting information from the Lovells about their way of living, and designed a home that addressed every need-health above all.