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Be curious about the emerging trends

I recently heard a demographer make a comment on the radio that Tasmania was bound for population decline stating that 'because of its age structure, deaths are expected to outnumber births in the not too distant future'.

I was waiting for an 'unless..' which didn’t happen. The 'unless' I was anticipating was, '..unless migration picks up for Tasmania, whereby more people moving to Tasmania significantly outnumber people leaving.'

Tasmania has a Department of State Growth, dedicated to achieving population growth. The latest figures show that Tasmania has recently achieved the largest rate of population growth in 30 years at a significant 1.2%, driven by increased levels of interstate migration.

Penny recently published her blog about Ashburton, NZ – when the new profile for Ashburton went online, Penny expected to see a story of migration from Christchurch following the earthquakes, but the evidence for that story simply wasn’t there.

We frequently allow well-established trends to influence our narrative about places when we should keep a closer eye on the latest data. There are two types of trends to observe: there are the dominant trends and there are the emerging trends.

The emerging trends are the interesting ones that frequently surprise us.

Author Ivan

Demographic analysis

'Spatial leashes' in our communities

Gender equity demographics


When we launched our new 'Sexes community of interest' module (comparing demographic characteristics for women and men) last month, we heard back from a number of councils that are working on gender equity projects.

One email that piqued our curiosity told us about Spatial leash theory - the idea that people, especially women, with caring responsibilities are on a short 'spatial leash'. The theory suggests that the need to stay proximate to their children or elderly parents limits the distance they can travel to employment, and thus their employment options, ability to find work in their field of qualification and, ultimately, earning potential.



Quarterly population update: a surge in the South



On June 20th, the ABS released population estimates for the December 2018 quarter.

The figures tell us that Australia continues to grow steadily, with Victoria remaining the fastest growing state in the country. But the big story is Tasmania, as that state records growth at levels not seen in nearly 30 years.


In the news

Citizenship in the Census

Representative electoral boundaries


In light of the current controversy over the inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 US Census, Glenn points out a citizenship question has been part of the Australian Census since 1911, and, using this data, lists the LGAs in Australia with the highest and the lowest proportion of Australian citizens.


Local Focus

Challenging assumptions in Ashburton, NZ



When Ashburton District joined our suite of publicly-available community profiles recently, Penny was eager to test one particular assumption about the area - that Ashburton would have experienced a spike in migration from neighbouring Christchurch (only an hour up the road) following the 2011 earthquakes, as the residents of that area sought a safer place to live. 

As always, the statistics always have the power to surprise.


Cool new stuff

Changes to migration maps in profile.id

New migration maps


Our mission at .id goes beyond making data available - it's all about telling clear stories about people and places.

To that end, this month we've made some improvements to one of the most popular pages in our community profiles - the maps showing migration by age and location (learn how to find that page in profile.id here).


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