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Volume 3 - July 2019

Texas NL Header July 2019

Welcome to the third edition of the Education Innovation in the Lone Star State Newsletter! This quarterly newsletter connects Texas leaders who are innovating at the school, district, and state level. Our purpose is to share the amazing work of the districts we partner with and to inspire and guide others to lead innovative work.

In this edition you will hear how one district hosted a leadership retreat for more than 550 people, learn how another district continues to scale innovation, see how another district designed instructional models and personalized t-shirts, gain access to two free learning opportunities in Texas, and get a sneak peek at our leadership institutes. 


Strategic Planning Institute

Is your current strategic plan coming to an end? Do you need a pulse check on what you’ve accomplished? Do you need a partner to develop a new, meaningful strategic plan? Education Elements will work with you to build and execute an inclusive, responsive, and effective strategic planning process. Whether you are developing a new strategic plan, reflecting on your current strategic plan, transitioning to new district leadership, or launching a new district-wide initiative, Education Elements can help you develop an actionable district strategy. Let us know how we can help and don’t miss out on our Strategic Planning Leadership Institute from October 3-4.





Cultivating Innovative Leadership in Klein ISD


On June 6, Education Elements partnered with more than 550 district and school instructional leaders in Klein ISD for a collaborative leadership retreat, focused on their strategic plan Promise2Purpose. During this day of learning, leaders opened by contemplating the skills most needed for the future of work and reflected on the current implementation of personalized learning in Klein ISD and districts around the country. In breakout sessions, leaders expanded their knowledge of personalized learning, strategized for managing and communicating through change, and created plans to enhance the culture of innovation on their teams and schools. 

In addition to expanding their knowledge, Klein leaders collaborated with team members and peers to create strategic plans that will support their schools in deepening their implementation of personalized learning. Throughout the leadership retreat, leaders demonstrated tremendous engagement, enthusiasm, curiosity, and joy. Keep up the great work, Klein!


Showcasing a TX District at the PL Summit 2019

This year’s Personalized Learning Summit was attended by educators from 8 countries and 38 states across the U.S. Attendees were inspired by keynotes from Golriz Lucina of SoulPancake and Principal Baruti Kafele. They had 105 sessions to choose from over 2.5 days, and tours of 11 of the most innovative companies in Atlanta. In case you missed this year’s Summit, you can check out the highlights here. This year, we proudly highlighted the work of Dallas ISD through a district award and classroom simulation.

Daniel and Dallas ISD PLS 2019

Throughout our work together, Dallas ISD has impressed with its efforts to both encourage innovation within the district, while also acting as a thought leader for districts across the state and nation. From teacher fellowships to university partnerships, bootcamp trainings, design studios, book clubs, school tours, and full school designs, the team has shown personalized learning design and implementation requires a multi-pronged, differentiated approach to scale successfully. The team also often shares beyond their district, presenting learnings, publishing their PL Toolbox, and hosting visitors from around the world. To celebrate these efforts, Education Elements presented Dallas ISD with the ‘Scaling Innovation Award' for successfully building capacity across teachers, schools, and teams within their district and beyond.

In addition to the award, Dallas ISD kindergarten teacher Carmen Sanchez from Arturo Salazar Elementary School was selected to facilitate a Personalized Learning Simulation on Elementary School Math. Her simulation engaged attendees in a lesson focused on composing numbers, while modeling the use of goal-setting, peer-tutoring and game-based learning. Sanchez shared key learnings from her experience with personalized learning in her classroom and across Dallas ISD.


Sinton ISD: Innovative Vision + Teacher Enthusiasm = MIZ Success

Sinton 4 TX NL 2019

Sinton ISD dove right into their Math Innovation Zones planning work, with a Foundations Workshop, Design Workshop, and two district strategy sessions this spring. Sinton’s clear vision for blended learning is a part of a broader innovation strategy. Their focus on “all-in” K-8 BL math implementation, and teacher autonomy in the design process, made for a rollout full of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. When teachers from Smith Middle School showed up for the Design Workshop with custom-made MIZ t-shirts, we knew it was going to be a great day!

In recent EE workshops, Sinton ISD teachers engaged in tactile Sinton ISD TX NL 2019instructional model design based on teacher-selected BL focus areas and tactics. As a group, we used a Design Thinking mindset as teachers crafted their approach to blended learning through a focus on student-based empathy. Sinton leaders honed their voice and message around the district’s BL vision and created campus-based strategies for BL implementation. We are so excited to see what’s next for Sinton ISD!




Join us: Texas Personalized Learning Academies for Leaders Coming to You! 

TX PL NL 2019 Group Session

We are thrilled to host not one, but two Personalized Learning Academies in Texas this fall. The PL Academy is a one-day professional development event designed for district leaders at all stages of personalized learning implementation. These events are in partnership with Google for Education and two incredible districts, Dallas ISD and Klein ISD. District and school leaders from around Texas are invited to join us and learn more about personalized learning, leadership strategies, and ways to support innovation. Sign up today to secure your free spot and share the invitation with others from your team! Have questions? Reach out to us today.



Leadership Institute Series 2019 

Leadership Institutes CTA 3

Education Elements is pleased to host a series of leadership institutes in 2019 to support leaders in thinking through some of their toughest challenges, including how to improve the way teams work, develop a culture of innovation, increase teacher retention, and create inspiring, responsive strategic plans. Register soon to secure your spot as space is extremely limited. We welcome you to join us on your own or with your team.



Look for our next newsletter in October! Want to be featured? Want to speak with a district doing amazing work? Looking for support to kick off the school year? Contact Angela Kennedy-Toon at angela@edelements.com.


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