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JULY 2019

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nsr retreat icon-1Join us July 31 - August 1st in Denver for the New School Rules Leadership Retreat. This retreat is designed for district leaders who want to improve how their teams collaborate, make decisions, and achieve their goals. You'll learn directly from experts in change management, organizational design, and leadership; deepen your individual leadership practice; and collaborate with leaders from around the country who are thinking about the future design of schools and districts. Through two days of engaging sessions, interactive activities, and focused planning at the innovative WeWork space, you will leave refreshed for the next school year with a focused vision for changing the way work happens in your organization.





Leverage Your “How:” Engage Your Community in Strategic Planning

Ignite your passion. Nurture your potential. Embrace your future. Create tomorrow today SB SDEven before South Brunswick School District (SBSD) crafted this mission, their energy shone throughout the strategic planning process.  As our Education Elements team reflects on our work with SBSD, we cannot help but stand in awe of the immense progress their Core Team (responsible for steering the strategic planning process)  has made towards “Creating Tomorrow, Today”.

SB gatheringBeginning in February 2019, SBSD launched surveys and community forums as engagement tactics to assess and highlight their most pressing issues and bright spots. Then, equipped with hundreds of community responses, the Core Team unpacked the long-standing “South Brunswick Way.” The Core Team then sought feedback from the community to consider how SBSD can continue to evolve as more responsive, equitable and innovative for all students.

SBSD continued engaging with their community as they crafted their vision, mission, and core values. They have now set their sights on executing on the priorities for next year! The team has identified ways to ensure their plan serves as a guide to innovation and as such, they have created a process to SB SD 1review and revisit future initiatives. Listen to superintendent, Scott Feder talk about the South Brunswick strategic planning process and outcomes. We look forward to seeing the tremendous impact the South Brunswick Strategic Plan has on their community!


Measuring Impact with Kickstart Kids

Kickstart Kids (KSK) is a unique non-profit organization based out of Houston, Texas. Founded by Chuck Norris, it has served over 95,000 students over the past 26 years by placing karate instructors in middle schools. With a wide reach, deep impact, and passionate staff and stakeholders, KSK has much to celebrate when it comes to its effects on students making more positive decisions, building self-confidence, and the diffusion of these traits through school buildings and wider communities.

Beginning in April 2019, our team has been working with KSK on their Measuring Impact Initiative. In service of identifying powerful metrics to effectively measure and share the organization’s many successes, we enlisted a trusted subject matter expert, Dr. Mahnaz Charania, Ph.D. in this work. Dr. Charania has conducted various stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the perceptions of KSK’s bright spots and challenges. Moving forward, Education Elements and Dr. Charania will advise KSK on building a metrics toolkit, and in developing a high-level three-year implementation timeline for collecting necessary data. To find out more about KSK, visit them here.




Broward County: A Lighthouse of Personalized Learning
By Justin de Leon, Managing Partner

PL Lighthouse School

The Department of Innovative Learning at Broward County  Public Schools is leading the charge to personalize learning on two fronts – for students at the classroom level and for teachers through the delivery of personalized professional development. Flexible learning environments, data-driven decisions, targeted instruction, student ownership, and flexible content can be observed at the eleven “Lighthouse Schools” that launched personalized learning this past year and also during PD sessions facilitated by Innovative Learning. The team has and will continue to provide intensive support to these eleven schools, with the goal of positioning each one as a demonstration site for other teachers across the district to visit and learn from. Additionally, Instructional Technology Facilitators within Innovative Learning have revamped their approach to professional development. By leveraging Core 4 practices and creating flexible learning environments within their own PD sessions, Innovative Learning is modeling what they hope all learners experience – personalization for students and adults alike.



Megan DAmbrosio

How Do You Start Implementing Personalized Learning?

Hear from Design Principal Megan D'Ambrosio about how to begin implementing Personalized Learning in your schools and district.

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Gabby Hacks

Hacks to Improve Your Team

Learn from Senior Design Principal Gabby Hewitt about some hacks to improve meetings, create space for innovation, and define the work. 

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Do You Need An Education Consultant?

Group brainstorm

“Working with consultants isn’t cheap - how do we know if it’s what we need?” We hear that one a lot as we talk to districts considering whether they should hire a consultant to help them personalize learning in their schools. There’s no right or wrong answer as to whether you should seek support or go it alone, but there are some questions that are worth thinking about as you consider your path.



How Do You Shift The Role of The Teacher?

How Do You Shift The Role of The Teacher building blocks

During the last 100 years in the workforce, we needed farmers and factory workers; which is why our classrooms replicated the workforce, designed to have a teacher at the front of the room and desks in rows. Times have changed, and we must make shifts to the role of the teacher in order to prepare today’s students for a different workforce. 











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