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Note from the NetWork Chair…

The Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures NetWork Steering Committee has had a busy and productive year. NetWork members have remained very active in CHEST guideline development. The cryobiopsy in ILD guideline is in its final stages of development, the guideline to assist clinicians in optimized specimen handling for EBUS and minimally invasive lung biopsies was initiated, and the guideline on management of central airway obstruction was recently accepted and due to be completed by 2020. In addition, NetWork members in partnership with the Interventional Pulmonary Outcomes Group (IPOG) launched several prospective multicentered clinical trials this year, helping to push forward one of the NetWork goals of increasing research collaborative efforts in the field of interventional pulmonary and advanced bronchoscopy. 

The NetWork Executive Committee is excited to welcome our newest members: Dr. Jose Cardenas-Garcia, MD, FCCP, and Dr. Keriann Van Nostrand, MD, and look forward to increased growth and participation as our membership continues to expand. We strongly encourage members to stay active and bring any ideas for NetWork projects or collaborative opportunities forward. We will see you at CHEST 2019 in New Orleans at our business meeting on Tuesday, October 22, at 2:30 pm CT and at the NetWork Highlight Sessions.

Want to get involved?

Participate in the NetWorks Challenge: Contribute on behalf of the Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures NetWork for the CHEST Foundation’s NetWork Challenge annual drive to support clinical research and patient education efforts. Each NetWork will be awarded a travel grant to give to a trainee or other designee for every $5,000 contributed to the CHEST Foundation.  

Join the conversation: Have an idea or suggestion? See a good article link you want to share? Want information on interventional chest/diagnostic proceduresStart tweeting with the hashtag: #CHESTIP

NetWork CHEST Physician article

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.25.27 AMCheck out the Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures NetWork’s latest article on “Complications and economic burden of diagnostic procedures for lung abnormalities in the community setting by Dr. Jose Cardenas-Garcia and Dr. Douglas Arenberg in the May issue of CHEST Physician.

Designating primary and secondary NetWorks

Indicating a primary NetWork gives you access to News From the NetWorks, key events in the CHEST community, and up-to-date information on happenings in your NetWork. 

Set your primary and secondary NetWorks any time by logging in to My Account, and indicate your preferences on the NetWorks page.

Learning opportunities

CHEST Annual Meeting: We encourage our membership to attend the CHEST Annual Meeting, where several lectures along with NetWork featured lectures and experiences will highlight the topics of interest in the area of practice operations. Registration for CHEST 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is open. 

More educational opportunities: CHEST Live Learning courses, which are found in the CHEST Store

Get to know your leadership!

ICDP_Jason AkulianJason Akulian, MD, MPH, is the Director of Interventional Pulmonology and the Carolina Center for Pleural Disease at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include advanced diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy, pleural disease, novel therapeutics delivery, and the mechanism of malignant immune evasion in advanced stage lung cancer.

Jason Akulian, MD, MPH, FCCP 
Chair, Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures NetWork

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