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Monday, July 8
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6 p.m. CST

You’re invited to join our fun and spirited partners at CoachVille for The CoachVille Book Club – The Bellwether Effect. Starting Monday, July 8, we’ll jump into the “The Bellwether Effect” by Dr. Lance Secretan.

Step 1: Become a CoachVille member at no cost. (If you are already a member, log in to your account.)

Step 2:  Next, return to this email, click here to log in and become a member of the CoachVille Book Club community.

Once you’ve joined the Book Club community, you will receive call-in credentials for the series. You will also find your invitation to join the Facebook group, which is especially of value for those who want to participate but can’t join the calls live. In each platform, you can explore ideas from the book and how to use them to play life bigger and coach life better.

CoachVille Book Club discussions are free for all CoachVille members (TEAM CoachVille) and Patina Nation members that join CoachVille. They are hosted Mondays from 6 to 7 PM America/Chicago via Maestro Conference. The calendar for CoachVille's book club can be found here.

To learn more our CoachVille partnership, click here. CoachVille is the original global online community for coaches with more than 36,000 members in more than 70 countries.

About the Book
Bell weather
“The Bellwether Effect” 

Dr. Secretan proposes a theory that explains how and why leaders are attracted to and seduced by trendy ideas, as well as the process by which these ideas then become mainstream. He calls the originators of these trends “bellwethers,” hence the book’s title.

IMPORTANT. You do not need to read the entire book to expect value or contribute. Even if you read a few pages you are welcome to jump in the conversation. The Bellwether Effect is available on Amazon as a hardcover book or in Kindle form.  [Click here for a link to buy the book on Amazon]