Summer 2019


Although the weather may make us think otherwise, the summer holidays are nearly here! Our team have been busy working with new and existing partners and customers up and down the country. We have also been working closely with our SEN consultants and reading specialists to create new and exciting resources to help encourage children to enter into a world of reading over Summer.

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A £100 book voucher, Lexplore FREE, and a £500 hamper full of books?


To be in with a chance to win all you need to do
is enter our Lexplore Challenge...


Our Lexplore challenge encourages children to become Reading Lexplorers over the Summer and bring the books they enjoy to life by exploring different genres and reading in new places to different people. One Lexplorer will win a £100 book voucher for themselves, as well as the Lexplore assessment FREE for a year with a £500 hamper full of books for their school...

so get Lexploring!

The rules are simple: Parents must send us a picture of their little Lexplorer’s best reading experience over the holidays alongside the corresponding reading sentence from the Lexplore worksheet in our Summer Reading Guide.



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Keeping your pupils reading over the Summer...


The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop their interest and enthusiasm for reading. However, time away from the classroom can also cause children’s reading skills to slide before their return to school.


But how do you keep children on track with their reading amidst all the distractions the holidays may bring?


We have created a Summer Guide with different resources and printable materials to help engage children over the holidays. Choose between creating different sentences, listing words they find in texts using the Alphabet Hunt page, or keeping track of their reading using the Reading Spiral Tracker. Be sure to offer pupils a choice in activities to support their own interests and learning styles.


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Reading - the 26 mile marathon...


Becoming a strong reader requires time and patience. In order to fully develop their skills children need to read over 26 miles of text.

This reading marathon corresponds to about 5,000 hours of reading time or 834 days in the classroom, which cannot be accomplished in school alone. To become a strong reader children need to engage with reading outside of school and explore a variety of different material.


Helping all children train on their individual reading journeys can be difficult, especially when juggling all the day to day challenges of a primary classroom. We have created the following FREE guide to reading support to help you identify and support children in your classroom, with tailored interventions and tools to help with monitoring progression over time.


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A revolutionary insight into reading for pupils with EAL...


Nearly half of pupils at Freemantle C of E Community Academy speak English as an additional language (EAL), and almost all are new to English when they arrive. With a quarter also eligible for Pupil Premium, the school aims to open up opportunities for every child by getting them on track with their reading.


"It can be hard to make a completely objective assessment of native English speakers. Often the most enthusiastic, verbally articulate story tellers in the class appear to be strong readers, but some of them may be held back by hidden reading difficulties that are hard for us to detect.”


To make sure that all pupils have the opportunity to fly high with their reading skills whatever their circumstances, Freemantle introduced Lexplore’s reading assessment programme…


Find out more by reading the Case Study


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Interested to see our AI Reading Assessment in action?


We will be attending the Building Identity Building Readers Weekend from the 21st to the 23rd June.


The joint venture with the SLA, CILIP, and the YLG has a theme of wellbeing and identity. As headline sponsors of the event our team will be at stand 5 for the entire weekend...


You can keep up to date with our upcoming events through the Lexplore website. We have lots more exciting events lined up across the country where you can meet the team and see our technology in action.


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AI Reading Analysis for Secondary Schools!

Our team have also been busy carrying out an important verification project which will enable us to launch an assessment for years 7 and 8 towards the end of the year.


The process of starting at secondary school can be challenging for both pupils and teachers alike, and it can be difficult to personalise learning from the offset. In the secondary environment, our unique assessment can offer teacher's a fully objective overview of a student's reading, and highlight those with specific difficulties within minutes.

With an in-depth insight into the skills which set the foundations upon which students can access the wider curriculum, teachers can then personalise learning from the start and closely monitor progression with regular testing.

Get in touch to find out more, get involved, and access our exclusive early offers for Secondary Schools.


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