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Dominos Domino's (DPZ) is set to report earnings on July 16. Second quarter global sessions (read: mobile ordering) of its mobile apps are estimated to be up 9.9% YOY, but down 8.5% QOQ. My personal sessions of the Domino's app are definitely up ~15% QOQ.

App Acquisitions

houseparty Houseparty, a group video chat app, has been acquired by Fortnite maker Epic Games. Assuming a fair price, this was a timely exit for Houseparty as its UA efforts had not been paying off. Houseparty has been downloaded 50.6 million times since launch in January 2016.

Launching into Sleep

I can't believe this name wasn't already taken for an app. There's a few dead apps by this name and others with additional words included, but none currently live that are just listed as "Sleep". Sleep is a new app in the growing Health & Fitness space that combines features from meditation and sleep aid apps. With the right moves, it could be a serious competitor to Calm and Headspace. Users can access peaceful scenes (downloadable to your wallpaper), sounds, meditations, and even spoken word storytelling. The app has an IAP subscription of $1.99 per week (after 7 day free trial) to access a wider catalog of its free offerings. You can see the free trial ending for a good chunk of people in the chart here:


Pedaling to a public offering 

Last week Peloton announced it filed for an IPO. Like most health/exercise tech, there is an accompanying mobile app that users can take advantage of. The Peloton Digital app has an Apple Health integration and offers classes through an in-app purchase subscription. Peloton makes the vast majority of its revenue through hardware. While the mobile app does create supplementary revenue ($8.7M since launch), its main purpose is as a customer engagement tool. 


New Posts

Retrospective on Uber's Poor Q1

This upcoming year of 2019, Uber is on track to reverse backwards on losses to the $4 billion mark with no improvement in profitability despite demanding a large cap valuation.


Somewhat Mobile:

The best podcast to listen to for people. If you're a person, man this is definitely for you. It's possibly more enjoyable if you work with mobile apps. Hard to tell.

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