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"Technology, like art, is a soaring

exercise of the human imagination."

- Daniel Bell

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Adapting The MVP Model For Testing Your AI

Companies are racing to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning today for all kinds of reasons—as a new way to interact with customers, to extract value from the data they hold, to prevent cyber-attacks and to even create new flavors of beer.

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Business Leaders Like Their Applications, But Want Them Delivered Faster

Survey shows software development and testing processes ripe for continuous delivery, automation and more collaboration.

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How RPA Can Reduce The Repetitive Day-End Finance Drag

For many organisations, ‘day-end closing’ is a time-consuming accounting and administrative task. Eating up around an hour and a half each day, it is a necessary – yet repetitive – part of the working day.

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Quality And Better Customer Experiences - Eggplanet London, 2019

By Candice Arnold, Chief Marketing Officer

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MythBusters: Take Testing Out Of The Back Office And Into The Boardroom

By Candice Arnold, Chief Marketing Officer

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Eggplant: Best DevOps Tool

                                                                            By Eggy                                                                

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MythBusters: Do Believe The AI Hype

By Richard Ward, EVP Worldwide Sales

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