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Attention: Beware of fraud targeting retailers like you!

We have been made aware that our retailers are being targeted by fraudsters claiming to be from Payment Source, Now Prepay, or a product vendor such as Neosurf, Paysafe, or Flexepin.

They will call and ask the retailer to print multiple vouchers for products such as: Neosurf, Flexepin, and Paysafe cards claiming they are testing the terminal and will refund the vouchers. The retailers may even be told not to answer the phone for five minutes.

STOP. This is FRAUD!

If you get a call from someone named "Robert" claiming that they work for Now Prepay, Payment Source, or any product vendor, HANG UP. "Robert" Does Not Work Here! Immediately call 1-800-253-2111 to report the details of the incident.

Never give a PIN, activate a financial product, or provide your terminal ID over the phone, even if they say they are an employee of Payment Source or Now Prepay. 

Please be advised that the PIN is NOT the five digit password to your terminal. PIN refers to the number on the top of the voucher. We will only ever require you to disclose the transaction number located near the bottom of the voucher.

Not sure if the call is for real?

  1. Stop.
  2. Hang Up.
  3. Call Now Prepay Support at 1-800-253-2111.
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