ALERT: Performance Report - Quantified Consumer Intent


DATE: September 3, 2019

DATA PROVIDER:  Cognovi Labs

WHO: Beni Gradwohl, CEO and Colin Buter, Global Revenue Officer

DATA CAPABILITIES and COVERAGEPredictive analytics using topic-specific emotion and intent algorithms, quantifies what was previously intangible–quantifies the human decision-making process and predicts what people will do next by capturing people's behavior and prospective actions, extensive applications.

SIGNAL:  Cognovi's AI-based alternative data

1) Allows discretionary traders and fundamental analysts to run virtual channel checks and validate investment thesis in real time 

2) Enables quick diagnoses of sudden stock price movements

3) Makes it easy for quants to backtest and integrate Cognovi's predictive emotions and behavioral factors into their investment process

4) Enhances your stock selection process through tracking consumer behavior and identifying long-term structural changes in company fundamentals


  • Correctly forecasted future product sales for a global entertainment company
  • Predicted deterioration in brand and market share of major ride-sharing company three weeks before public reports
  • Announced Brexit results four hours before polls closed
  • Foretold results of 2016 U.S. presidential election



Consumer Behavior Signals Feed - One Pager

Cognovi Emotion Ai - Illustrative Performance White Paper

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