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AI: Seeking emotional loving human relationship for long-term relationship

Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Given the limitless possibilities, very few would have known precisely what this would have been when artificial intelligence (AI) started to become common. Though several years down the line, we’re starting to have an idea.

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How AI Is Transforming Testing Today

Currently, there is much debate about how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform our lives. One of the technology’s key benefits lies in its power to transform traditional approaches to app development and software testing. Gartner identified AI-driven development as one of its top three strategic technology trends for 2019.

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3 Web Performance Myths For Black Friday & The Holiday Season

Every year, Black Friday and the holiday season give online retailers an unrivaled opportunity to take in enormous sales. But a startling share of ecommerce sites don't take web performance seriously enough, putting sales at risk. Are you guilty of 1 of these 3 damaging web performance myths?

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The One Thing You Need To Know About IoT And Software Testing

By Guest Blogger Richard Bradshaw, CEO Ministry of Testing

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Practice Makes Perfect: Why AI-Driven Testing is Critical to eCommerce Success

By Candice Arnold, Chief Marketing Officer

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Achieving Healthcase Excellence: A Case For Intelligent Testing

By Alex Painter, Director of Product Marketing 

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Enterprise-Grade QA On A Budget

By Gareth Smith, Chief Technology Officer                                                                                         

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