Digital Success in less than 3 minutes series

We celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day with the launch of 6 videos on accessibility in the workplace.

These videos feature how small changes can make a big difference. Our vision is to have an inclusive society where disability and health conditions do not present a barrier in education or in the workplace through Assistive Technology, Ergonomics and creating an accessible environment.

Let's hear from:

Ross HoveyRoss Hovey from Lloyds Banking Group, Paul Smyth from Barclays, Paul Bepey from BBC, Anya Otto from Atos, Nicola James from Lexxic and Joanna Wootten, Age, Disability and Inclusion Expert.

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Civil Service Awards 2019

Nominations are now open 

Microlink is delighted to sponsor Civil Service Awards Diversity and Inclusion for another year!

The Civil Service Awards are a highly respected and prestigious cross-government programme to recognise and celebrate the wealth of inspirational individuals and innovative projects within the civil service. For the last 14 years, these unique and empowering awards help to spread best practice right across government, sharing innovation, learning and leadership.

Register here to nominate for the 2019 Civil Service Awards.

Civil Service Awards 2019


The world's most accessible reading app

If you have low vision, blindness or dyslexia it can be frustrating trying to find good, accessible books. Meet EasyReader, the world's most accessible reading app with access to 100,000s of books.

  • The world's largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services.
  • Designed for readers with Dyslexia, low vision or blindness.

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The world’s most accessible reading app