Welcome! NCC places an incredibly high value on our people. We’ve invested in our team members as individuals, we’ve invested in our positive team culture, and we’re investing in hiring the right people to support our aggressive growth plans.

We’re an Employee Owned Company and are actively seeking employee shareholders who want to make their workplace a positive environment and want to be the best in their field.

If you’re an energetic person who likes a challenge and is ready to work for a different kind of company while making a positive impact in the world, we want to hear from you.



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NCC’s Culture

At NCC, we believe we have the best chance of making a positive difference in the world when we encourage our employees to own their future. We have an Ownership Culture.  The harder and the smarter that we work, the more success we see.  But it’s not just about the work; it’s about the engagement that comes from the challenge of owning our own business and working to make it the best it can be. That’s who we are, and we’re proud to own our future.

We carry out our vision in two big ways:


1. We’re Employee Owned

Our employees are our Owners. We’ve designed a workplace environment that allows for employees to help contribute to the growth and development of our company. We've made a difference in how we operate, so we all have a stake in the outcome, both short and long-term.  Being employee owned is a natural extension of our history of a team-based atmosphere, and it’s evidence that we’re all in this together. The future is up to us, and we literally own it.


As owners, we’re all working on the business every day. We have experiences in many industries gained over more than 30 years in business, and we never stop learning. Dynamic people come up with dynamic ideas, and dynamic ideas fuel dynamic growth. Our team members are dynamic idea-generators, and we love our work.


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2. Open-Book Management

We’ve created an open, honest and transparent work environment that allows freedom of expression for innovation, challenges, and improvements. We expect to achieve big things together - and that will only happen with the ideas, challenges, and explosion of positive pressure that comes from being transparent about the entire business.


We invest in our employees’ financial literacy when it comes to the business using the techniques of Open-Book Management from The Great Game of Business. This establishes where and how we can all make a difference with a short-term stake in the outcomes.


Do you like to compete and win? We’re looking for big achievers who like a challenge. Apply today or fill out the form to let us notify you when something becomes available.

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Making a Difference

NCC is making a difference every day. Through positive energy, great work performed with passion, and a commitment to developing relationships based upon trust and performance, we’re building a lasting legacy for our vendors, our customers, and our teams. Positive energy delivers growth and opportunity for all.  


Want to join us? We’re looking for others who share our purpose. Apply today or sign up for notifications of future openings!


I’m proud to work for a company full of people who actually care. We don’t just come to work and put our 9 to 5 in and go home, leaving work at the door as we get in our cars.  I think we take it home and think about it in a positive way, always wanting to improve it and make it better. I believe it’s because we own a piece of it and we have a leader who really and truly cares.

- Jason McCleary, Water Jet Mechanist


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