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buyer behaviour

5 Buyer behaviour secrets to grow your sales
What makes people buy? And what makes people choose not to buy? Humans are one of the most complex creatures on earth. Researchers have spent decades trying to understand buyer behaviour to help business owners increase sales. Your customers are basically paying you to help them with their problems, and if you can't understand them, you can't help them. Grab some tips on how to better understand your customers and make more sales.

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Customer Story: Elijah Cooper of Elemental Eats
Elemental Eats is a family business offering real food options from their mobile food truck at events all over Wellington, New Zealand. Their goal is to provide customers with a selection of nutrient-dense food that is minimally processed and free of dairy, gluten and refined sugars - without compromising on taste! The team attends events around the wider Wellington region and beyond, and also offers private catering services. Learn about Elijah’s small business journey and grab his advice for those looking to break into the food trucking scene.
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Don't guess what your customers are thinking about your business - ask them! Add TruRating to your Eftpos NZ integrated solution and you could hear from 88% of your paying customers. One, quick question is asked on your EFTPOS terminal during payment and answered with a simple key press.

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5 Smart ways to improve your checkout experience
You don't get a second chance to create a last impression. Find out how to give your customers a memorable checkout experience with these 5 tips from the Eftpos blog.

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train staff on new tools
5 Smart tips to train staff on new tools
Time, tide, and technology, wait for no one. Fact is, technology always keeps evolving and you'll encounter new tools regularly. Teaching all your staff members how to use new tools is no walk in the park. Get our 5 tips for training staff on new tools.

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When a queue is forming and your paying customers are waiting the last thing you want is a comms error on your EFTPOS terminal! Check out this list of the most common issues with EFTPOS terminals, and get our easy-to-follow solutions to help you troubleshoot here.