About Computan’s team

Everyone here is full-time

You want a reliable partner and we want to be that partner. You’ll get nothing but dedicated team-members that you’ll hear from regularly when you partner with us.

We’re global

You need support when you need it. That could be at 5 in the morning or 7 at night. A Partner is someone you can count on to work on your schedule and can answer that email, Slack message or phone call within a reasonable amount of time when it comes in. You also value opportunity and know that skilled people are all over the world and you want to take advantage of that somehow. Our team spans every continent and is in 7 countries.

Consistency Is Key

Your dev partner needs to function like your favourite burger joint. When your craving a good burger you know where to go. Regardless of the patty. Doesn’t matter if you like vegan, salmon, beef or chicken. You know what you’re paying for. Computan works extremely hard to make sure that everything developed follows a consistent coding standard that everyone on our team is trained on. As a partner if you want your jobs coded a certain way we can usually adjust too. Because what two people have the same toppings on a burger?

Get Help

Let us know what you struggling with. We’ll point you in the right direction.