Sunrise Apollo 3-in-1 Scanning System


SunRise Apollo HS


The Apollo HS, include ScanFlo Premier our powerful new application, and ScanFlo Professional, our classic scan application that SunRise users are familiar with. Both take advantage of the new features in scanner hardware and Windows operating system.
The SunRise 3-in-1 scanning system consists of a Base Unit which includes: computer, software, scanner controls, camera and light source, and a Rollfilm, Fiche or Autofeeding Aperture card Module to transport the film for the type of microfilm to be scanned. Modular design lowers cost, and preserves your investment over time. We offerupgrades from older base models to Apollo.
Apollo Features
  •          3-in-1 modular design - uniform procedures all film types
  •          Rollfilm, Fiche and Aperture card microfilm types
  •          Highly efficient, power saving, low noise
  •          Optical Zoom supporting 2,000 to 20,000 DPI
Software features 
  •          Windows 7 Ultimate Operating system
  •          Applications:
  •          ScanFlo Premier
  •          ScanFlo Professional (Classic)
  •          ReelScan \ RowScan Strip scan
  •          Remote access diagnostics         
Computing system
  •          Intel i5 Processor
  •          4 Gbyte system memory
  •          Internal SATA 6 Gb/s 2TB hard drive, DVD drive
  •          External SATA drives, Flash drives           
  •          Linear CCD 8160 pixel array
  •          Ultra efficient LED Lamp Source
  •          48Mpixels/sec 8/12 bit per pixel mode
  •          Nikon 60mm f/2.8 lens